infinite win the ‘Driven by Data’ award at the Techie awards 2019!

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Our Infinite Data and Reporting team provide data and market insights for high profile clients such as Sony, EE, and Fujifilm. We create bespoke insight reports for our clients, which involves using several data reporting tools.

To generate data Infinite use a personalized field marketing application named ‘TeamHaven’ which allows us to obtain qualitative and quantitative data from our field operatives through mobile devices. This data is then synced with a cloud warehousing platform and then pulled to our in-house server. As well as our internal data we are given external data by our clients which we use together for analysis.

Due to growth in 2018, we found that we were providing more information for bespoke requests which lead to a review of best practices and our way of working. Our previous process involved creating numerous spreadsheets where we generated complicated formulas, macros, graphs, and pivot tables. This method was lengthy and had quite a high level of risk for human error.

Infinite decided to change its approach to cope with client demands by adopting new and innovative ways of servicing our clients. The time had come to embrace new technology. Simply, our objective was to find software that:

• Generated reports timely to cope with demand
• Eliminated the potential for human error
• Improved customer experience

After a lot of research and meetings with bespoke data services, Infinite looked to a customer-focused system created by Microsoft to fulfill our data and reporting needs. We embarked on a new and radical transformation and adopted the use of Microsoft SQL, Visual Studio, Power Suite and Adobe Suite.

Moving the existing Excel data and graphs into these new products was no easy feat as we had to dissect each workbook, then find a new solution to not only replicate the report but to give it more ‘power’ to provide the client with better, clearer insight for their business.

By using Microsoft Power BI, Power Query and Power Pivot we were able to merge data from different sources and fully automate our reporting, removing the operational risk of user error and dramatically reducing the time it took to produce insight.

We use SQL to hold our data and this not only provides on the fly information but allows infinite to look at trend analysis. This was facilitated by Sequal Server Information Services (SSIS) which took care of the flow and processing data.

One of our reports used to have sixteen spreadsheets, and now, with the use of Power BI, we have condensed this to only two tabs. Due to the reports being interactive our customers are finding it significantly easier to quickly source the information they need by selecting slices of their data and drilling down. Some of our clients have gone a step further and handed their own in-house reporting to us. Additionally, we have removed the need to email the reports by adopting Microsoft’ Bi site and eBooks to publish our reports for our clients to view on their devices anytime, anywhere.

Dixons Carphone Group accredited agency for third year

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Infinite Field Marketing are delighted to announce that we have been re-awarded accreditation from the Dixons Carphone Group (DCG) for the third consecutive year – HORRAY!

What does this mean? 

Essentially any agency wishing to deploy personnel into a store under the Dixons Carphone umbrella, will need to have passed all areas of criteria set out by the accreditation guidelines. Infinite have continued to work closely with DCG in order to ensure that we are one of the few agencies awarded accreditation.

Not only can Infinite Field Marketing offer you a scalable approach to your Field Marketing operation and, some of the best Trainers, Promoters, Merchandisers and Demonstrators. We are one of the few Field Marketing agencies in the country who can carry out your operation within the Dixons Carphone Group.

Get in touch today so as we can tailor your brands approach.

European Sales Influence

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European Sales Influence – the infinite group, is pleased to welcome a new member


Swindon, 25 July 2017 –infinite is pleased to welcome a new member to the cooperation of the European Sales Influence: With the Ingroup headquarters located in Athens, the European sales network has also been represented in Greece since July.


With its newest member, the ESI already has ten partner agencies and thus offers its range of services in more than 16 European countries.

The rapidly growing and qualified network of leading field marketing agencies is a reliable partner for all topics related to sales, brand activation and merchandising throughout Europe.


Infinite has been a member of the European Sales Influence since 2015.  Infinite looks forward to helping develop the cooperation and collaboration of the individual agencies, improving capabilities and furthering the position of ESI as a strong brand in Europe

Launch of our new brand Infinite Field Marketing

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With an exciting 2017 ahead, we are proud to announce the launch of our new brand, infinite Field Marketing. As our company moves forward, we feel that the time has come for our brand to reflect our primary focus, Field Marketing.

The new identity has been designed align to our existing infinite brands including; infinite Group (the overarching company) and infinite Logistics (our warehousing and logistics team) and will be the lead brand in all of our field marketing activities going forwards.

Our new purple provides a strong visual link to our new brand identity across a wide range of applications. The consistent representation of this core colour will help to reinforce the distinctiveness of infinite Field Marketing and assist in growing the brand further.

If you have any questions with regards to our rebrand please contact us HERE and we’ll be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Infinite Donates Space to Swindon Homeless Charity

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Local warehousing and logistics firm infinite Logistics, have opened their doors to help local charity event RunVember.

RunVember collect donations for homeless people in Swindon.

The entry fee for those taking part is simple; all participants are provided with a RunVember box that needs to be filled with non-perishable items including sleeping bags, clothes and roll mats, etc.

Their unique entry fee requirements mean that without storage for their several hundred boxes, management of the donation process could become extremely difficult.

With 294 people taking up the challenge of 30 runs in 30 days, a large amount of space is required for the near 300 boxes to be stored safely and securely.

infinite Logistics, a local storage and logistics firm based in Westmead Industrial Estate, Swindon came to the rescue. Offering free space within their expansive warehouse and allowing participants the benefit of flexible drop-off times and easy access. Andy Lovegrove, infinite Logistics Warehouse Manager said:

“We’re really pleased that we’ve been able to do our bit for this worthwhile cause that provides such a valuable resource to the local homeless community. Alan’s enthusiasm for this event is infectious.”

Alan Butler, organiser of RunVember:

“If this continues to grow then we can make a massive difference to not only Swindon’s homeless but to the 250,000 homeless people in the U.K. But without the support of the runners and local businesses this wouldn’t be the success it is. So a massive thank you to all of you and same time same place next year.”

For more information on RunVember, visit the website

For more information on infinite Logistics, visit


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Infinite Group is proud to announce that Dom O’Brien, has been awarded the ISellMobile ‘Trainer of the Year’ Award 2016.

Dom, who has worked for infinite Group since 2013 on the Sony Mobile account, has proven himself to be a hugely valuable member of the team.

“This category is one of the highest voted with candidates proving their support amongst retail staff as well as their ability to delivering incredible training. Innovation, understanding and charisma were key qualities in choosing the shortlist and of course the winner.

His [Dom’s] detailed knowledge of not just what Sony is doing, but how it relates individually to every retailer and every store’s focus sets Dom apart in making him the twelfth man on every store’s team.” –

“This award is testament to the hard work and commitment that Dom puts into his role. We’re over the moon that Dom has won this award and feel that it is well deserved. Well done Dom!” – JF Cahorn, Managing Director, infinite Group.