Amazon – Retail Pop-Up

A pop-up store offering shopper experiences, driving brand awareness, popularity, sales & word of mouth


3041 different SKU’s ordered with unique QR codes designed (“smile-codes”) and managed


5 day long Pop-Up store with a store theme and clothing changes everyday


Over 1800 customers with an on the day revenue of over £2k


Amazon Fashion selected infinite to assist in opening the first ever Amazon pop-up shop in Baker Street London. The activity was spread over five days with a change of clothing each day to represent a different category of clothing type, for example, sports, leisure or workwear.

Amazon Fashion required an agency that could manage an experience store opening and everything that comes with this i.e. behind the scenes logistics, technology & staffing.


Infinite implemented a mixture of retail processes and procedures along with the staffing of the front-line team.

Ordering over 3000 pieces of clothing, infinite used our logistics and distribution channels to store and deliver the clothing, allowing our retail experts to then process the stock enabling a streamlined stock room ready for opening.

Infinite implemented a payment system and ensured daily sales reports.


The infinite team delivered outstanding customer service for Amazon’s customers showing passion and excitement. Our stockroom management was executed with a high level of efficiency, and clothing changeovers were completed on time, ready for the store opening each day.

The payment system was efficient and accurate. All 3041 unique price tags were attached to all clothing items, allowing customers to scan the ‘smile-code’ and be directed to Amazon’s sale pages, allowing ease of purchase with options to have their chosen items delivered to home or take away on the day.

Selling 68 units across the week with a footfall of 1890 people and an on-the-day sales revenue of over £2K. Amazon was ecstatic that the store was a success.

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