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Wanting to gain actionable insight? The data-driven answer will give you the clearest insight and facts you can rely on. From KPIs and NPS gauges to live online dashboards, custom data reporting and analysis helps you uncover your successes and opportunities for growth. We can show you exactly what the state of play is and allow your business to make fact-based decisions.

Our expertise

Collecting data correctly and making sense of it is our passion. We use our industry knowledge and innovation to create surveys in house that will result in high-quality analysis. Our team of experts in Microsoft Power BI and live dashboard reporting can help you navigate the numbers, unlocking actionable insight into your performance and return on investment.

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Turn your reporting into impactful results. We’ll help you use your data to build custom sales and compliance targets that inform how you develop your team.

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When you understand the data, you’ll understand your people. Use our analysis to craft a focused approach to training and unlock the full knowledge potential of your team.

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React quickly to merchandise going into store with our live reporting capturing pictures of products and POSM being placed by our field teams.

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Use our data-driven insight to increase Brand Ambassador performance. Build brand relationships and react quickly to competitor activity.

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Gain insight into the results we’re delivering for you, providing clear ROI examples and actionable data to further develop the stores and our staff.

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Want peace of mind around your compliance? Ensure your standards are in line with brand directives, using unbiased auditing conducted by infinite people.

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