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Some products don’t just need to be seen, they need to be experienced. Whether it’s a roadshow, exhibition or trade event, the buzz and engagement that comes from experiential marketing can lift your brand well above the competition.

Our expertise

Setting up an experiential marketing event on your own can mean a lot in terms of time, resources and procurement. Let us take over that burden, from planning and rigging traditional stands to out of the box ideas, we can supply our people with an in-depth knowledge of how to build up excitement for your products.

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Field Marketing
Brand ambassadors

Put your products in the best hands. Our ambassadors will become the face of your brand, with expertise and insights gathered on the ground to increase your brand awareness and compliance.

Field Marketing

Don’t just put your product in front of customers – let them try it for themselves. Engage with our people, who are fully qualified to run sampling stands to show off your products.

Field Marketing
Retail pop-ups

Wanting to elevate your brand by going direct to the consumer? We can become your reseller to help drive and promote your omnichannel, sales, or marketing directive through this service setup.

Field Marketing

Providing insight to a product, service or offering, we help your brand elevate product and service understanding and knowledge instore. Building a community to help drive your brand.

Field Sales
Data analysis and reporting

By using our expert data and reporting team, we can provide custom live reporting to help you highlight successes and opportunities across your activities.

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