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Incremental £704k gross customer lifetime value (CLV) in the first 3 months


Our aim was to give the Team Leaders the skills and support to confidently coach their own teams to try these 4 things on their calls


  1. “Talk about TV on every call”

  2. “Use TV to Talk about EE”

  3. “Pitch a TV & EE Bundle to every customer”

  4. “Ask for the sale”


We specifically targeted Cross-sell to Mobile and MRC Upsell using our Team Leader Coaching Modules. As the modules have a specific focus on closing techniques we also expected to see an improvement in base broadband conversion


  • By the end of August 2021, we had completed 1 week of live buzz sessions and 12 weeks of initial coaching.
  • The increase in sales drove an incremental £704k gross customer lifetime value (CLV) in the first 3 months versus the control
  • Despite the the longer-term primary focus of the coaching being on Upsell (TV) & Cross sell (EE) we saw a strong initial performance improvement in overall Broadband conversion for both Value & Sales teams after the focus on general selling skills and closing techniques as part of the initial coaching sessions
  • As a result, BT have asked us to rollout the program out to more sites in 2022


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