PUIG: Mystery Shopping Programme

Providing a tangible narrative into how the PUIG brand is represented on the shop floor. Delivering actionable evidence.


Data upload KPI achieved in order for client to gain insight & take action


2% uplift in pass rates can be seen following training in ‘failed areas’


The mystery shop programme has directly resulted in changes to; the shopper journey, training delivery & the onboarding process


PUIG is the name behind many high-end retailers that we see in stores and on the high street. With the likes of Jean-Paul Gaultier and Christian Louboutin under their belt, they need to make sure the people they have employed to sell their products are providing the high service level expected from these high-end brands.

Infinite provides experienced staff who can test workers in-store and provide factual reports to the client, keeping service levels high and consistent across all brands under the PUIG umbrella.


Working with PUIG on multiple activations, we were able to pull shoppers from our extensive database, that can not only provide feedback but constructive information to allow PUIG to better the experience for their customers moving forward.

With real-time reporting, PUIG was able to correct any issues found and ask us to go back out to retest workers, making sure everything stayed consistent for customers.


During the campaign, we will shop brand ambassadors as many times as possible to either find them in stores or to turn a failed first visit into a passed second visit. This allows PUIG to have confidence that they are giving customers the best possible service and that any training provided is working.

After activation, we provide PUIG with a detailed report showing both successes and needed improvements throughout their brands as well as highlighting where they are when benchmarked against competitors in-store.

Having completed multiple activations, we also allow PUIG to see the areas of growth or reversal as time progresses.

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