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With Covid-19 stopping visits to Airports, Time Products, the name behind Seksy and Sekonda watches, has been unable to amend/check how their displays within these various locations are looking to the consumer for up to four years.

Time Products approached Infinite with the task of sending workers to all major airports throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. 

Workers were tasked with amending sited POS and auditing what was on display against set planograms. 


Holding a database of over 600 people, we quickly and efficiently choose workers that would thrive under the fast-paced and detailed-oriented role that this turned out to be! 

Allowing up to 1 hour per display, our workers efficiently entered the airport, passed airside security and conducted the Audit/POS site change quickly, counting up to 185 SKUs per display and reporting on their findings through our inhouse reporting tool. 


Entering 47 of the busiest airports in the UK, we captured what is currently on display, changed POS and counted the number of SKUs per display. We were able to showcase the cost on return by the changes we implemented, providing Time Products with a custom PBI report to hold all data found. 

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