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Resideo, a member of the Honeywell group, wanted the ability to field team members and managers to securely connect to and see a full stock inventory of items with available quantities. These items should have stock pictures where possible against each item for ease of selection.

The user needed the ability to order selected items and quantities, to be delivered to their preferred registered delivery location or have them redirected to another address.

Customer inventory reports and stock movement reports should, where possible, be automated and sent to a distribution list at set regular intervals.


Infinite have adopted a fully integrated solution that not only allows live up-to-date stock inventory, monitoring, and reporting but a fully functional secure customer-focused internet portal, which allows any person with secure access, to interrogate all activity within their chosen area. The portal, which is permission-based, also gives the user the ability to order existing stock and log any replenishments then may have organized to be delivered to our warehouse. The portal gives multiple types of reports including a step-by-step movement log and live inventory listing with export abilities for further interrogation in other applications if required. All stock is barcoded and scanned to ensure accuracy on picking and dispatch, to location control during storage.


Resideo now have a fully functional internet-based POS management and ordering system. Allowing employees easy access to needed POS, ordered products are delivered in most cases by the next working day due to the system efficiencies and processes. All items can be checked and monitored live as they progress through the warehouse, deliver couriers and onto their destination, allowing piece of mind to the requester that they will receive their order when and where they requested.

Resideo management now have regular automated reports every morning, showing their stock situation at a given time, and their employees ordering habits. This system has shown an increase in POS ordering and fewer requests from customers who have run out of items. It has also show that POS that has been produced doesn’t sit in the warehouse but is visual to the field teams, so it is ordered and used. Out of date items are automatically removed from availability on the date requested by Resideo, and environmentally destroyed, reducing customer costs of old POS being stores for no reason.


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