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The Objectives

Adidas has partnered up with ESI with the kick-off of the Visual Merchandising Project. With VM teams in 23 countries that have been onboarded and are now dedicated to the optimization of Adidas point of sales all over Europe. In each market, our VM teams take care of mannequin styling, campaign updates, product placement, and compliance reports.

Infinite Data Solutions are responsible for the visual merchandising (VM) performance dashboards of Adidas, both UK, and EU-wide. To fulfill this contract, Infinite had to overcome the difficulty of knowing which stores need to have VM installed, how many pieces are needed, when they were last updated, when they need updating next, and who has done it/needs to do it.


Creating a custom solution with our data capture software TeamHaven and Power BI Infinite Data Solutions measure the 3 KPIs: Frequency of Visits, Time in Store, and # of Merchandise Installed.
One of the developments undertaken by Infinite was the translation of the EU databases into English. Using Power BI, we can find specific field names and translate them into their English equivalents. Power Query, M Code, and DAX was written to run the data through a series of algorithms and clean it before providing performance data against the 3 main KPIs.


Infinite Data Solutions provides Adidas with a live, fully functional dashboard report with store-level and cross-country insights that guarantee top-level quality standards, crucial Business Analyses, efficient Budget Management, and target tracking.

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