Domino’s – Street Marketing

Engaging People, For Engaging Brands





Domino’s asked Infinite to support new store openings with extra staff to help promote the latest Domino’s branch within the local area.

Our task is to promote Domino’s in busy locations around the store, educate customers and create awareness.


For each store opening, Infinite supplied two trained staff members who approached the general public with leaflets in the busiest parts of the local area.

One member of staff wore a wobbler, which with a promotion, drew attention, enabling staff to engage with the public and hand out leaflets.


Creating a buzz around new store openings is a no-brainer for the marketing team at Dominos.

The stores feel supported by their Head Office and they can hit the ground running with a surge in sales to get the store off to a great start.

With the extra support from Infinite, Dominos staff can focus on the task at hand, leaving the face-to-face promotional work to us.

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