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Fujifilm opened their first ever experience store in Covent  Garden, London. Along with the full range of Fujifilm products and accessories for sale, the three-story store delivers a unique photography experience with outstanding customer service.

Fujifilm and Infinite have a relationship spanning 20+ years.  When considering a partner for their store full-time team deployment Fujifilm expressed their caveat around; trust between agency and brand, a team who behaves and operates by Fujifilm’s values and, who is always supported. Infinite are extremely humbled that we were selected to continue the growth of our relationship with the brand.


It was identified that a team of 13 culturally sympathetic, photographically skilled, experienced, and talented people was required to bring the Fujifilm store to life for shoppers. Working with Key Stakeholders, Infinite’s PM captured the crucial skills in a job description and cascaded this through our standard recruitment process, introducing elements that would maximise our exposure to the right candidate fit, for example, advertising in photography magazines.  In addition to our standard recruitment way-points, 4 assessment days were held in order to get to know the candidates as thoroughly as possible.

A prerequisite for the role was a passion for photography.  However, in order to ensure that this passion matched up with the superb features of our client brand an intensive and immersive training programme was put into place which commenced 6 months prior to store open day. 

Our brand new Fujifilm team took part in photography experiences, worked in a photographic lab, had culture and PR lessons, shadowed other brands in the field to equip them with customer service confidence, and more. 

In order to make the shopper experience as seamless as possible, Infinite did not want our team equipped with clumsy technology on the shop floor.  We sourced an effective EPOS system that is fast to use and enables the team to spend more time with shoppers.

The Result

Fujifilm selected Infinite’s logistics team and warehouse facilities to provide secure storage and transport of stock for all Fujifilm House of  Photography sales stock. By combining our EPOS system know-how, and our logistics expertise, we drop ship stock to the House of Photography systematically when the store stock levels are low. All items are high-level security both in warehousing and distribution making our service exceptionally secure.

ith demonstration products on show in the region of £10,000, Fujifilm wanted security on the store entrance 7 days per week. Our client asked Infinite to support sourcing and managing the security aspect of the store. 

With an array of data to manage including sales, stock, and footfall, our client utilised Infinite’s Data & Reporting team who are specialists in analysing retail data and creating market-leading reports. Our client now has a live dashboard running 24/7 automatically with a variety of data analysis such as conversion, sales, footfall, stock, busiest times, best sellers,  transactions, returns, average selling price, demand curve, sales contribution, and many more.

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