Sony Mobile – Key Retail Uplift Training

In support of the full-time team, Sony provides an uplift half-yearly in order to maximise sales, minimise disruption and ensure high knowledge levels across key accounts


3270 store staff trained & refreshed on Sony mobile


1930 of in-store training hours conducted


950 key accounts covered across the 10 day activation


Every 6 months, infinite conducted store training on Sony’s latest product for all key accounts across the UK within a short time scale. This was in support of the full-time team we ran in the field during product releases, acting as a flexible way of upscaling the team’s footprint.

Short lead times, increased coverage & ensuring knowledge was high across retail.


Recruiting 25 of our most tech-savvy staff, infinite ensured full training of Sony Mobile’s latest products was given.

The training involved interacting with the products and role-playing exercises, allowing staff to be equipped with any questions that a store may ask and to drive sales in-store.

The team were brand matched and fully briefed on Sony Mobile’s values, and goals in addition to products before they entered the field.


Within only 10 days, infinite staff completed 950 store visits and trained 3720 members of staff.

A total of 1930 hours of face-to-face training was conducted, which meant the entire estate of mobile phone stores were trained on the new products, promotions and incentives available to drive performance.

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