TomTom – Auditing

Gaining real time shop floor insight to drive brand presence & customer decisions at HQ level


Identified a 15% compliance issue within Curry’s


Identified an 18% complaint issue within Halfords


Identified almost 50% of Curry’s estate needed further product/ brand training


Identified almost 30% of Halford’s estate needed further product/ brand training


Infinite was tasked to assess the compliance of POS items, demonstration devices and positioning across TomTom’s retail presence.


150 visits were successfully completed within 8 days. Whilst in store, our team assessed the quality and compliance of the TomTom bays and gathered further insight into staff knowledge.

We provided TomTom with a detailed report comparing the retail estate compliance and insight on what steps need to be taken, to rectify the problems, along with a photo library by store.


Using our final report and the breakdown of the raw data, TomTom is able to highlight where there are compliance issues so we can rectify and gain 100% presence across the full estate in addition to negotiating marketing spend with each retailer.

Working with TomTom, we now have an action plan to correct these changes with a follow-up activity, where our staff will attend several non-compliant stores to solve; POS, device issues and provide further training where necessary.

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