Fujifilm – JLP Concession


Sales conversion within the Fujifilm concession  


7 days a week coverage with every hour manned by our promoter team


Recorded number of sales made during initial activation


The JLP concession stand is where customers can print their images and purchase various Fujifilm products. Expecting this to be a busy concession, Fujifilm needed a Brand Ambassador to help customers with print orders and sell a range of products.  

After setting up the House Of Photography, Fujifilm is used to working with Infinite and knows the success that we drive and achieve. 


Manning the concession every hour is it open, we managed to employ 3, sales-focused, promoters to drive the sales of products and help customers with any enquiries. 

Helping keep track of sales and successes/failures through our Team Haven reporting tool, Fujifilm has access to a live dashboard that allows them to keep track of all areas, keeping service levels high. 


Following the successes of the House of Photography, we have successfully conducted 345 shifts within John Lewis, Oxford Street. Able to portray 1182 Units sold and generating a revenue of £136,086. Our in-store workers have had 3613 interactions (Promoter Initiated 2205 | Customer Initiated 1408), converting 33% into sales. 

Due to continued success, this activation has extended multiple times – allowing the correctly found workers to continue to promote the Fujifilm brand. 


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