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In December 2019, Fujifilm opened their first ever “House of Photography” experience store in Covent Garden, London. Along with the full range on Fujifilm Products and Accessories for sale, the three-story store delivers a unique photography experience with outstanding customer service.

Fujifilm and Infinite have a relationship spanning 19 years. When considering a partner for their store Fujifilm expressed their caveats around; trust between agency and brand, a team who behave and operate by Fujifilm’s values, and who are always supportive. Infinite are extremely humbled that we were selected to continue the growth of our relationship with the brand.


It was identified that a team of 13 culturally sympathetic, skilled, retail staff were required to bring the Fujifilm store to life for shoppers. Using our recruitment platform Vacancy Filler and working with Key Stakeholders, Infinite’s PM captured the crucial skills in a job description and cascaded this through our recruitment process, introducing elements that would maximise our exposure to the right candidate fit.

To make the shopper experience as seamless as possible Infinite did not want our team equipped with clumsy technology on the shop-floor. We sourced an effective EPOS system; Advanced Retail, which is fast to use, enabling the team to spend more time with shoppers.

To maximise store performance Infinite introduced a people counting system for Retail. StoreTech
measures footfall and presents this as real-time, actionable intelligence to aid smarter, data-driven
decisions. Infinite has a fully operational warehouse that supplies the HOP store with its inventory. Using infinite’s integrated Warehouse solution; Shipedge. This not only allows live up-to-date stock inventory and monitoring, but a fully functional secure customer focused internet portal, which allows the user the ability to order existing stock and log any replenishments they have organised to be delivered to our warehouse. All stock is barcoded and scanned to ensure accuracy on picking and dispatch, and to provide location control during storage.

With an array of data coming from these specialised apps and technologies, Fujifilm utilised Infinite’s in-house Data & Reporting team, who are specialists in analysing retail data and creating market leading reports to manage sales, stock and footfall. Using Microsoft Power Suite, SharePoint, Python and other API connections, Fujifilm have a live dashboard running 24/7 automatically with a variety of data analysis such as conversion, sales, footfall, stock, busiest times, best sellers, transactions, returns, average selling price, demand curve, sales contribution, sales forecasting, and many more.


With these reports, staff at store level to colleagues in Japan can quickly source the information they need to make business-critical decisions to ensure the store’s success. Whether that be; when to place stock orders and how many weeks the stock will last for, controlling promotions, signifying which promotions have been successful and how much each promotion cost, and managing store staff with team targeted performance and direction on where to drive and maintain high-performance sales conversion results.


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