Honeywell – Training & Merchandising

Engaging People, For Engaging Brands


Merchant Visits


Branch Colleagues Trained


Increased national compliance


18 Training and Compliance professionals have been ‘the face’ of Honeywell across the UK.

The purpose of the field team visits included; Building awareness of the Lyric T6/R in branchTraining, POS placement, Compliance checkingInformation gathering, and Providing branches with the pull factors they need to increase Honeywell sales of the Lyric T6/R.


Topline results included 500 merchant visits and 764 branch colleagues trained.

237 orders of one or more products and 3,196 POS items positioned.

Compliance was raised by +9% and 39 leads were generated and passed back through the business.

Increasing awareness by up to 200%


Following an initial training campaign with Honeywell, infinite gathered insight using our Internal data tool.

Upon completion of the activity, infinite analysed data to recommend a targeted approach for our next activity. Investing in the underperforming areas to bring these in line with the top performing regions across the UK.

Allowing our client to direct their marketing budget to where they needed to invest, ensuring the maximum ROI.

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