Snapchat – Experiential Shopping

Engaging People, For Engaging Brands


Number of consumer engagements made through the snap bots during short activation


Total number of bots sent to the UK following highest success rate throughout Europe


Number of Spectacle sales made through bots


To enable shoppers to be immersed within SNAP’s brand new product. Create a desire, interest, demand and understanding.


SNAP ‘bots’ (SNAP Spectacle live view vending machines) were located around London at key footfall and iconic locations. Perfectly brand matched infinite colleagues with skill sets such asdrama, communication, personable and sales, attended a pre-activity training course to understand the SNAP brand and product launch, including how to operate the ‘bots’. Members of the public learnt about SNAP’s Spectacle launch, allowing them to virtually try the various colour ways options and make a purchase through the ‘bot’ if desired. 


Throughout the activity, our field staff engaged with a whopping 2,289 people.

Across Europe, the execution and results achieved in the UK were dramatically higher than anywhere else meaning that the decision was made to increase the number of Bots sent to the UK from an initial 3 to 13.

The launch of Spectacles exceeded SNAP’s expectations so much that infinite was identified as SNAP’s preferred partner for Field Marketing & Brand Awareness activities. Infinite also went on to support SNAP in the launch of spectacles across the John Lewis estate.

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