Wolseley: Fixtures & Fittings audit

Providing Wolseley a blueprint to tackle an estate refit following site acquisitions.


439 stores received a detailed audit within the 3 week timeframe


26 team members were deployed, providing reasoned suggestions accompanied by photos.


100% of estate audited. Highlighting the uniqueness of stores and providing reporting on prospected additional space to increase SKU range in stores


Following the merger of Grahams Stores with Wolseley, Wolseley wanted to do a complete overhaul of all stores but needed to gain insight too what was already there and what needed to change.

Wolseley bought Infinite onboard, with the task to check how each store was set up, with the view to identify new sales space. This equipped Wolseley to drive product sales and keep all merchandising uniform.


Our campaign department sourced a trained team of 26 nationwide individuals. We were then able to visit 439 independent retailers over the course of three weeks.

Each store was audited for Fixtures, fittings and spare space, reporting on full mm measured bays, counted shelves and pegs.

The team were additionally tasked to look for further selling space opportunities as well as provide insights into what was currently in situ


Being able to provide the client with a detailed, interactive report, showed Wolseley what they currently had in stores, utilising both measurements and images.

This allowed Wolseley to gain new insight into what space they had and what they could add to their stores to maximise and drive sales.


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