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Meet and greet B2B customers to provide a complete end-to-end service when transferring your companies Telecoms across to EE. The suite of services must be; professional, slick, benefit to customers and easy to access.


Infinite recruited a specialist team who possessed exceptional customer service skills & a high degree of technical knowledge. The EE ‘Welcome Day’ team were then fully trained on the EE products & ethos before being signed off and deployed around the UK & Ireland to support B2B customers face to face, based at their place of work. This means that as and when companies transfer to the EE network, their employees are not required to take time out of the business day and their device set-up remains consistent.


Happy, returning customers and growth in EE B2B connections. Infinite now have a dedicated team in place to provide this function for EE with this division running since 2016. So far infinite’s ‘Welcome Day’ team have enabled 36,937 connections. Our relationship with the brand goes from strength to strength and the Welcome Day team consistently receiving first-class feedback from EE’s B2B customers.

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