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When we say the name Snapchat, we are sure many people will know who they are! If they don’t, then they know someone that will. Can people say the same when we say Spectacles by Snap? 

No, that was us too! 

Snapchat approached us to help them promote their spectacles in high-end retailers. Bringing the social media platform into the hands, or eyes, of thousands of more potential customers.


With promoters aplenty on our books, we managed to make light work of recruiting the most sales-focused worker for the job. Working in a Smarttech concession stand within Selfridges, we took on the most skilled and presentable worker to push the brand to the masses. 

Being trained by Snap and Smarttech workers, our promoter was tasked with presenting, demoing, and promoting the spectacles to all customers that stopped by the stand or near the stand.


Finishing the activation after a successful extension, we managed to show 37 shifts, bringing the Spectacles by snap into the minds of over 1900 potential customers. 

With fierce competition within the spectacle arena and a high-end price tag, sales have always been further apart than more needed items. Our in-store worker managed to come in with their infectious personality and gift of the gab, being able to smash all preconceived expectations, selling a record 20 units through the time on the stand and increasing the brand’s awareness by over 150%

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