Sony Mobile – Store Training Deployment

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Number of store staff trained throughout training deployment


Number of in-store training hours conducted


Number of telco stores covered throughout the 10 day activation


Every 6 months, Infinite conducted store training deployment activations, on the instruction of Sony. This involved conducting training on Sony’s latest product for all mobile phone networks and key account third-party stores throughout the UK within a short time scale. 

Sony requested infinite to supply this deployment following a track record of quick lead times.


Recruiting 25 of our most tech-savvy staff for the job, Infinite ensured they had full training on the new XZ3 Sony Mobile.

The training involved interacting with the product and role-playing exercises, allowing staff to be equipped with any questions that a store may ask.

Recruiting the right people for the job is essential, and with infinite’s expertise, we recruit and train the right people every time.


Our team monitored progress, managed the task, and within only 10 days, infinite staff had completed 950 store visits and trained 3,720 members of staff.

A total of 1,930 hours of face-to-face training was conducted, which meant the entire estate of mobile phone stores were trained on the new product, promotions and the incentives available to drive performance.

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