FUJIFILM House of Photography

A day in FUJIFIILM House of Photography, London.

The FUJIFILM House of Photography is a busy store in the beating heart of London’s Covent Garden. Spanning over three floors, the House of Photography has many products, services and experiences delivered by the Infinite team. The store celebrates every element of taking, making and sharing photos using the instax, X Series and GFX system cameras and wide range of printers.

Here are a few of the activities taking place in the store...


On the shop floor, Danilo demonstrates the X-Series range of cameras. Using his photographic knowledge and sales skills to help find the perfect camera and accessories for the customer. Along with many hints and tips to create the photos the customer is looking to achieve. 

FUJFIILM House of Photography, London.
FUJFIILM House of Photography, demo, demonstration

At FUJIFILM House of Photography the staff are all trained on how to perform Quick Maintenance Services. Here, you can see Adam, who is cleaning the sensor, as well as performing a simple operation check/firmware updates. Everything to keep our customer’s cameras updated and working effectively.

FUJFIILM House of Photography, Maintenance
FUJFIILM House of Photography, maintenance

Downstairs in the basement studio, you will find Carl and Ashleigh. Carl, from the Infinite Fujifilm Training Team, works with Ashleigh, from the House of Photography, on Studio Lighting, creating content for the new FUJIFILM School. These photos become content for the new Lighting and Portrait Workshop. Ashleigh regularly delivers Fujifilm beginner and intermediate courses at the House of Photography.

The FUJIFILM School, created with Fujifilm and Infinite works collaboratively to produce courses, workshops and photographic holidays for our customers. All of these are produced and delivered by the Infinite teams.

FUJFIILM House of Photography, School
FUJFIILM House of Photography, School
FUJFIILM House of Photography, School
Kit Stop

Ben helps a customer collect a loan camera. At the FUJFIILM House of Photography, customers can Hire a Camera from Kit Stop free of charge for 48 hours. Ben sets up the camera for the customer so they can shoot straight away.

FUJFIILM House of Photography, Kit Stop
FUJFIILM House of Photography, Kit stop

The first floor of the Fujifilm House of Photography combines creativity, social interaction and photographic knowledge with a number of, completely free, social studios. Also on this floor is an impressive gallery, which has included Rankin’s “Performance” Gallery, our infinite staff print the photos for the gallery in the Photographic Lab on the Ground Floor. 

The Performance Project was one of photographer Rankin’s most ambitious projects to date, over 150 actors, theatre owners, directors, backstage workers and creatives from make-up artists to stage managers have been photographed in and out of costume at the House of Photography. 

FUJFIILM House of Photography, Gallery
Current Gallery:
FUJFIILM House of Photography, Gallery

Connor prints out a photo for the Gallery Exhibition promoting the tenth year of the X100 Camera. The photographic lab at House of Photography also prints a huge range of photo formats and photo gifts for customers, all printed by the talented House of Photography team. 

FUJFIILM House of Photography, Printing

At the end of a day of shooting with the loan Kit Stop Camera, the happy customer returns to drop off the camera and print her photos in the Wonder Photo Shop. The House of Photography gives the customer the chance to experience photo taking to photo making.

FUJFIILM House of Photography, Printing

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