Brand Experience Stores – Infinite’s Top Tips

Are you opening a brand experience store?

Here’s how infinite have helped FUJIFILM on their retail expansion, with a brand experience store.


It is no secret that shopping habits constantly change. Due to the rise of online shopping, brands are utilising retail space to open exciting and engaging brand experiences which draw shoppers back to the high street. Where new and existing customers can immerse themselves in a brand and/or product through unique demonstrations, try before you buy experiences & open their eyes to the possibilities when using your product range.

Over the last 5 years FUJIFILM have had a significant presence in Covent Garden at the House of Photography. They are now expanding this presence with a new pilot zone opening soon.

infinite have been at the heart of this project, managing the operational elements; recruitment, stock holding and delivery, and in store experience.

Read on for some top tips on how infinite can help you expand your retail space… 

Fujifilm Brand Experience Store


People are essential when operating in a public facing environment where the main aim is a positive connection with your brand.  Recruiting team members who live and breathe your brand values and are aligned to your business goals is critical, and well worth investing time in.

Top Tip: Carefully screen all candidates; ensure that they complement the brand you are building a team for. 

At infinite we conduct assessment centres when recruiting a brand-new store team. Setting tasks which assess the specific skill sets of various roles, focusing on the core abilities required, and how well individuals will work together and within the store environment. 

For the latest FUJIFILM brand experience zone we recruited all team members from a single assessment centre. Following this, we implemented keep-in-touch evenings, which allowed us to stay connected with our future employees prior to them starting.

Induction & Training

A thorough, well thought out and positive induction to your business is extremely important. This is your opportunity to welcome your employees into the organisation and introduce them to your vision. You can also set goals, and give the right knowledge and support for them to be successful. Ensure that you cover off policies, processes, systems, and product training, with checks in place to measure knowledge retention.

Top Tip: Remember that people learn differently; you will need materials that cater towards visual, auditory, read/write, and kinaesthetic learners.

Our induction plan involves team members experiencing a live store environment alongside classroom sessions. We provide complete sales technique, product knowledge, and systems training for all employees, with coaching on management procedures where applicable. Here at infinite, we have developed tests to gauge knowledge and understanding of the sessions delivered, and we provide continued support and opportunities for further development.

Once the team we have recruited for the upcoming FUJIFILM brand experience zones have completed their classroom sessions, they will spend some time in the House of Photography shadowing our veteran team and gaining some real-life experience.


Finding the right system is a challenge; you may need to test a variety of programmes against your requirements. Established off-the-shelf systems are available. They can be quickly and easily implemented, but can be costly and may not suit all your requirements longer term. Another option is to devise your own custom system in house. This can be costly and time consuming, as everything will be created from scratch, but may be a better option if your requirements are unique.

Top Tip: Run a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether an off-the-shelf or custom system best suits your needs.

It is imperative that systems meet our requirements, as we provide vital live updates to FUJIFILM, giving them accurate information on product sales. Therefore, infinite partnered with a system provider who worked closely with us to create a stable program which integrated with our merchant services, stock replenishment and reporting dashboard.


There are many important components when you are opening retail outlets. Nonetheless, it is imperative to invest in the right people, systems and provide the appropriate training to be successful. Regular reviews of systems and processes allows you to stay one step ahead and mitigate any potential risks.

Whether you need one of our services or a custom combination, for the short term or the long term, contact us today to see how we can help.

We can’t wait to share more news of this latest project!

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