infinite win ‘Driven by Data’ at the Techie awards

Driven By Data

Our Infinite Data and Reporting team provide data and market insights for distinguished clients such as Sony, EE, and Fujifilm. We create custom insight reports for our clients, which involves using several data reporting tools.

To generate data Infinite, use a personalized field marketing application named ‘TeamHaven’. ‘TeamHaven’ allows us to obtain qualitative and quantitative data from our field operatives through mobile devices. This data is then synced with a cloud warehousing platform and then pulled to our in-house server. As well as our internal data we are given external data by our clients which we use together for analysis.

Discovering that we were providing more information for custom requests created a need to review our ways of working. Our previous process involved creating numerous spreadsheets where we generated complicated formulas, macros, graphs, and pivot tables. This method was lengthy and had quite a high level of risk for human error.

The New Approach

Infinite changed its approach to cope with client demands by adopting new and innovative ways of servicing our clients. The time had come to embrace new technology. Simply, our objective was to find software that:

  • Generated reports timely to cope with demand
  • Eliminated the potential for human error
  • Improved customer experience

After a lot of research and meetings with custom data services, Infinite looked to a customer-focused system created by Microsoft to fulfill our data and reporting needs. We embarked on a new and radical transformation and adopted the use of Microsoft SQL, Visual Studio, Power Suite and Adobe Suite.

Moving the existing Excel data and graphs into these new products was no easy feat as we had to dissect each workbook, then find a new solution to not only replicate the report but to give it more ‘power’ to provide the client with better, clearer insight for their business.

By using Microsoft Power BI, Power Query and Power Pivot we were able to merge data from different sources and fully automate our reporting, removing the operational risk of user error and dramatically reducing the time it took to produce insight.

We use SQL to hold our data and this not only provides on the fly information but allows infinite to look at trend analysis. This was facilitated by Sequal Server Information Services (SSIS) which took care of the flow and processing data.

The Outcome

One of our reports used to have sixteen spreadsheets, and now, with the use of Power BI, we have condensed this to only two tabs. Due to the reports being interactive our customers are finding it significantly easier to quickly source the information they need by selecting slices of their data and drilling down. Some of our clients have gone a step further and handed their own in-house reporting to us. Additionally, we have removed the need to email the reports by adopting Microsoft’ Bi site and eBooks to publish our reports for our clients to view on their devices anytime, anywhere.

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