Building Brand Loyalty with Demonstrations & Expert Knowledge

The SWPP Convention & Trade Show

March 2023, Fujifilm Product Specialist Team attended the Societies of Wedding and Portrait Photographers Convention and Trade Show, Hammersmith, London. The SWPP, hosted over three days, is one of the world’s largest organisations for professional and aspiring photographers. Giving Fujifilm an excellent platform to show the latest technology and cameras directly to customers at the SWPP Trade Show.

Demonstrating the Latest Cloud Technology

During the trade show the Product Specialist Team demonstrated Frame IO, a new cloud-based service which has the potential to revolutionise workflow for Professional Photographers and Videographers. Fujifilm are the first to have Frame IO built into cameras, this service will launch later in the year. The only place to see Frame IO working on the Fujifilm X-H2S was at SWPP. Customers were delighted to see a full demonstration from our infinite Product Specialist Team, showing the speed and ease of use.

Expert Knowledge & Customer Bonuses

Fujifilm Customers also had the bonus of a free Quick Service Maintenance sensor clean, this helps to build the brand loyalty with our existing customer base.

The Product Specialists were available throughout the three days; providing camera demonstrations, answering customer service questions and using their expert photographic knowledge to help customers. All leading to sales and many happy customers, both new and existing.

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