Consecutive Re-Accreditation – DCG

Dixons Carphone Group (DCG) - Accreditation

For the third consecutive year, Infinite Field Marketing is thrilled with our successful re-accreditation from the Dixons Carphone Group (DCG). HORRAY!

But what exactly does a DCG accreditation mean for us and our clients?

Simply, agencies seeking to deploy teams in-store under the DCG umbrella must meet the criteria outlined by the accreditation guidelines. Infinite has diligently collaborated with the DCG to ensure that we not only meet but exceed these requirements. This results in our continued consecutive re-accreditations as one of the select agencies approved by the DCG. 

Collaboration with the DCG enables us to harness the power of this leading retail network, unlocking openings for your brand. With our in-depth understanding of DCG’s operations, standards, and expectations, we can seamlessly integrate your brand into their stores. Allowing visibility, sales, and customer engagement to enhance and increase.

Why Choose Infinite Field Marketing?

We are able to provide a scalable approach to your Field Marketing operations! Coupled with a wealth of first-class teams including; Trainers, Promoters, Merchandisers, and Demonstrators etc. Infinite takes pride in being one of the few Field Marketing agencies that can execute your brand’s operations within the DCG, accordingly.

By choosing Infinite Field Marketing, above all, you gain access to a broad suite of services and solutions tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Whether you require skilled trainers to educate store staff on your product, eager promoters to engage with customers, diligent merchandisers to ensure your brand is well-represented, or dazzling demonstrators to showcase your offerings, we have you covered.

We invite you to get in touch with our team today to explore how we can tailor our approach to match your brand’s unique requirements. With our expertise and the continued accreditation from the Dixons Carphone Group, we are well-equipped to deliver exceptional results and elevate your brand’s presence within this powerful retail landscape.

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