Infinite History

The History of Infinite Group

Incompetent, hierarchical, lacking rigor, inaccurate reporting and general complacency were ALL THE BEHAVIOURS witnessed at a field marketing company that the co-founders of Infinite were working for. Well, we thought, if they can run a business that badly and retain clients, then surely running a business in a professional manner that is open and honest with the clients and staff has got to work!

In 1999 Nigel Stone and Hugh Meredith set up Infinite. With a modest investment, they launched from an office in the North Wiltshire countryside. The vision was to deliver services that delivered on clients’ needs in a timely and open manner, accompanied by recommendations for future activity that would deliver a solid return on investment.

This has led to client relationships that stretch back over twenty years! A sign of our ability to adapt and embrace a consistently shifting market.

Over time, the Infinite brand has become synonymous with quality. Throughout our various departments, we always listen to the client’s brief, challenge it in the right manner, and match the right staff with the required activation.

Where Infinite is now...

More recently, Infinite has developed areas of the business that were required to service clients’ requests. The strongest example is warehousing. We needed some space to accommodate point of sale and promotional products but, why not extend the offering to companies that required storage and fulfilment with no need for field activities? Becoming a key part of our business offering, especially during the pandemic, where retail activities non-existent. 

A focus on live streaming to deliver training to specific clients, such as those based in Call Centres, has been very successful! This is because of the production values achieved, giving the participants an interactive environment that also had the vibe of live television.  

Streaming will definitely play a part in the business’s future, but some very traditional activities continue to thrive. We currently operate a store in Covent Garden on behalf of a client. This includes complete management of the EPOS system, stock and, of course, recruiting and managing our colleagues in-store.

Developing Partnerships

After many years, we have finally achieved the long-term goal of establishing a functional Pan-European operation. Collaborating with like-minded agencies and coming together to form the European Sales Influence group. This has led to us working with clients that would not have engaged with us at a purely local level. The most successful of these ventures has led to us being awarded a Visual Merchandising contract with one of the world’s largest and most recognisable sports brands. 

Looking forward

Currently, Infinite is emerging from the constrictions of the pandemic and lurching forward into a period of inflations and uncertainty. Our Colleague Support Centre. in Swindon, has a proven track record of dealing with disruptive elements. We will continue to innovate to ensure that Infinite is fit for the here and now and the Future! Facing challenges, which we will always view as opportunities, and continue to deliver for clients and colleagues alike. 

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