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On Tuesday, March 21st, we tasked a team of six energetic individuals to promote the local Domino’s stores. These stores, in Hammersmith, Chiswick, and Shepherd’s Bush, wanted to expand their reach and drive more customers to stores. Equipped with leaflets, promotional materials, and big display boards, they were ready to create a buzz for our long-term client.

Brand Marketing Objective

Their strategy was simple yet effective! Stationing two team members at each location to drop off leaflets and promotional brand marketing materials. Promoting to both local businesses and customers alike, to promote the Domino’s stores in the area. However, they had a surprise up their sleeves – big display boards.

The team had set up large, eye-catching display boards in front of each store. These display boards featured attractive offers to draw the attention of passers-by. Designed to showcase the local Domino’s stores in engaging ways, whilst encouraging people to stop and take notice.

The Reception of Promotional Brand Marketing Materials

As the team went about their work, they used our internal reporting system to track the businesses they visited. This allowed them to note down which ones were most receptive to the promotional materials! Showcasing which ones had the potential to become loyal customers. This information would be invaluable to Domino’s, as it would give them a clear view of which businesses to target in the future. As well as gaining knowledge on where to leave promotional brand marketing materials for maximum impact in the future.

As the team went about their work, they encountered many curious and interested people who were drawn to the display boards and the excitement around them. The leaflets and promotional materials were also well-received, and many local businesses were happy to display them and spread the word about the Domino’s stores in the area.


Overall, the activation was a resounding success. The team generated a lot of interest and excitement around the local Domino’s stores and strengthened their relationship within their local area. By utilizing big display boards, they were able to showcase the deliciousness of Domino’s pizza and attract the attention of the local community.

In conclusion, the activation on behalf of Dominos; in Hammersmith, Chiswick, and Shepherds Bush on Tuesday 21st March was a fantastic example of creative and effective marketing. The combination of leaflet and promotional drop-offs and big display boards proved to be a winning formula that generated a lot of buzz and excitement in the local community. We can’t wait to turn on another campaign for them again soon.

Dominos Promotional Brand Marketing Wobble Board

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