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No day managing this account is the same, but what does it mean to be an Account Manager for infinite...

In Infinite, the role of an Account Manager (AM) comprises of various responsibilities. As members of the Field Marketing Agency, we deeply champion our business values. Yet, as an AM, you also develop a sincere attachment to the values of the clients you work with. While always representing Infinite, it is crucial to maintain a positive client relationship by understanding the client’s brand and the business interests of individual stakeholders.

Expectations of an Account Manager

Expectations are set on an AM from multiple directions! Firstly, you have stakeholders within the client’s business itself. Secondly, you have various teams within Infinite; who require key information from the team/AM to help support the results. And finally, the team themselves need to have set tools, directives, and support from their stakeholders. All the demands need to be met, regardless of where the physical attention of the AM sits.  

Account management in a field marketing agency involves looking after talented national field teams. These teams are the ones that drive the specific focus areas needed for the clients.

Equipping the team to deliver client objectives results in no two days being the same. Having a full-time contracted team, each responsible for their own territory across our nation puts huge importance on skill sets like time management, organisation and prioritisation. To bring everyone together, team video calls are a frequent occurrence within the diary. But, nothing beats the benefits of face-to-face time with the team and doubling up on a field trip with seeing specific stores, product launches and key stakeholders that work for the client’s brand. This is an ultra-productive way of maximising efficiency in time and the cost investment involved with travel. Whilst travelling for meetings and field visits being readily contactable via email, WhatsApp, teams calls and on the phone is crucial and often there are some moments of real multitasking skills to make sure deadlines are met.

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